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Top 10 Die Casting Manufacturers in China

China Die Casting Manufacturers

                                                                                                  China Die Casting Manufacturers

Over the years, China has become a one-stop shop for die-casting services. There are two major reasons for this; the favorable manufacturing atmosphere in China and die casting as a method of manufacturing itself.

Die casting is one method of production that produces durable, aesthetically pleasing, and dimensionally stable parts. This is why most industries, including the automotive, aerospace, medical, and even the military, use it for product and part fabrication.

Although China is a hub for die-casting manufacturers, you should not outsource your project to just any Chinese manufacturer. So, what factors should you consider when choosing a manufacturer? What are the top 10 die casting manufacturers in China? Why outsource your die-casting services to China? Read on as we provide answers to these questions.

Why Outsource Die Casting Services from China?

China die casting service

                                                                                                               China Die Casting Services  

Die casting as a manufacturing process involves getting the desired shape by pouring molten metal into a mold. Although this process might sound simple, it is usually not, as it requires professional skills and top-tier machinery for successful and safe product actualization.

Training staff and purchasing a die-casting machine would be cost-intensive, especially for small and medium-scale businesses. Which makes outsourcing die-casting services to China the best bet for businesses, as it helps save cost, time, and effort.

Other benefits of outsourcing to China include:

High-Quality Parts

One major benefit of outsourcing die-casting services to China is the quality of produced parts. This is due to the high skill level available in the Chinese die-casting sector. They manufacture die-cast parts and products that meet industry standards.

High-Profit Margin

Outsourcing manufacturing services to china guarantees a higher profit margin. The reason is due to the lower cost of raw materials and lower cost of labor as compared to die casting in other parts of the world.

Quality Control

Chinese manufacturers know the importance of quality and take quality control seriously. This is why the top manufacturers offer product verification and testing processes to ensure the produced part or product meets industry standards.

What to Consider When Choosing Die Casting Manufacturer in China

                                                                                                                         Choosing Die Casting 

If you are looking to produce high-quality parts, choosing the right Chinese die-casting manufacturer is the first step in the right direction. Here are some important factors to consider when making this choice;


The level of experience of a manufacturer is one major factor determining the quality of die-cast parts produced. Choosing experienced companies guarantees high quality. This is often determined by the number of years or how long the company has been in existence,

The logic here is simple: if they produced low-quality die-cast parts, they would be out of business already.


Although the cost of production is of great importance, you should not allow it to become the major choice determining factor ahead of quality parts. Truth is, if you decide to save money by choosing low-standard manufacturers, you might spend more on production in the long run. Producing low-quality parts that do not meet the market standard would result in product rejection and subsequent need for another production batch.

The best way to go about this is by conducting a market survey on the individual prices of the top casting manufacturers and choosing the best price amongst them.

Material Choice

Not all manufacturers offer an extensive range of die-casting materials. Besides, some employ just one material for their die-casting services. This makes your project material choice another factor to consider when choosing a die-casting manufacturer.

Where material choice is a consideration, go for die-casting manufacturers that offer an extensive range of materials.

What are the Top 10 Die Casting Manufacturers in China ?

1. Lijia Group Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Changchun, Jitin
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Main product: Aluminum Die casting
  • Other products: Mold design, Die Casting Mold, Machining
  • Year Founded: 2009

    This is a reputable aluminum CNC machining services provider in china. It produces aluminum die-cast engines and other parts of automobile internal combustion engines. It has an array of top-notch equipment and professionals, ensuring excellent products.

2. Dalian Yaming Automotive Parts Co. Ltd

                                                                                             Dalian Yaming Auto Parts Co., Ltd.  

  • Location: Dalian
  • Company type:Manufacturing
  • Main product: Aluminum Die casting
  • Other products: Powder coating and Die Casting Mold
  • Year Founded:1996

    Dalian Yaming automotive parts co. Ltd is one of the leading china die casting manufacturers. It follows best industry practices in producing oil engines and new energy vehicles. What’s more, it is into punching, welding, metal cutting, powder coating, and other manufacturing processes.

3. Wencan Die Casting Co. Ltd

                                                                                                  Wencan Die Casting Co. Ltd

  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Company type: Manufacturing Wholesale
  • Main product: Aluminum Die casting
  • Other products: Mold design, automobile engine blocks, surface treatments, Precision machining
  • Year Founded: 1998

    This is a top-rated Chinese aluminum die-casting company. Wencan formerly known as Guangdong Wencan die casting co. is a massive company with over 1000 machining centers and over 150 pieces of die-casting equipment. It specializes in research, sales, and production of automobile die-cast parts.

4. Jilv Auto Casting for Die Casting

  • Location:Hangzhou, China
  • Company type:Manufacturing
  • Main product:Aluminum Die casting
  • Other products:Mold design, Die Casting Mold, Machining
  • Year Founded: 2019

    Zhejiang Jilv New Materials Co., Ltd, also known as Jlv Auto Casting, is one of the top die-casting manufacturers in China. It engages in research, development, and sales of aluminum-scandium alloy materials and die-cast products. This china auto die cast supplier specializes in producing high-performance aluminum alloy parts with ultra-high strength. Moreover, this manufacturer of custom die-cast parts produces components that have improved temperature, corrosion resistance, and weldability.

5. Guangdong Hongtai Technology

  • Location: Guangdong
  • Company type:Manufacturing
  • Main product: Aluminum Die casting
  • Other products:Machining
  • Year Founded:2001

    Guangdong Hongtai Technology is one of the top china milling service providers. It produces aluminum die castings for telecommunications, machine parts, motorbikes, and escalators. With an array of professionals at their disposal, this company produces high-quality parts.

6. Delron Industrial Co, Ltd.

                                                                                                 Ningbo Delron Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Ningbo China
  • Company type:Manufacturing and Wholesale trading
  • Main product:Die casting
  • Other products:CNC Machining and Product assembly
  • Year Founded:1990

    This China die-casting company focuses on precision machining and die-casting. It is a versatile die-casting manufacturing company with clients ranging from automobiles to electrical and electronics industries. Its machining operations include; turning, milling, honing, die casting, stamping, etc.

7. Chongqing Huantai Machinery Manufacture Limited Company

                                                                                           Huantai Machinery Manufacture Limited Company

  • Location: Chongqing city
  • Company type: Manufacturing and Wholesale trading
  • Main product: Aluminum Die casting
  • Other products: CNC Machining and Precision machining
  • Year Founded: 1993

    With an annual production capacity of over 15 thousand pieces of die-casting materials, this company is one of the leading die-casting manufacturers in China. It manufactures a variety of engines, including head engines, outboard engines, slope-type engines, and horizontal and vertical axis engines.

8. Die Casting China

  • Location:Ningbo
  • Company type:Manufacturing and Wholesale trading
  • Main product:Aluminum and Zinc Die casting
  • Other products:CNC Machining and Precision machining
  • Year Founded:2002

    With over 20 years of experience, Die casting China is one of the major die-casting manufacturers in China. This die-casting manufacturer in China has a team of first-class professionals, including die casters, operators, tooling makers, engineers, and quality control staff. All gear towards producing outstanding products.

9. Chongqing Yujiang Die Casting

  • Location:Chongqing
  • Company type:Manufacturing and Wholesale trading
  • Main product:Aluminum Die casting
  • Other products:CNC Machining and Precision machining
  • Year Founded:1992

    Chongqing Yujiang is one of the top aluminum die-casting manufacturers in China, with a customer-first approach. With 30 years of aluminum die casting experience, this China auto die cast manufacturer engages in research, development, and sales of aluminum die cast molds and other metal precision parts.

10. Yangzhou Kiaxing Precision Casting Technology

  • Location:Jiangu, China
  • Company type:Manufacturing and Wholesale trading
  • Main product:Aluminum and Zinc Die casting
  • Other products:Heat-treatable and weldable vacuum casting, die-casting foundries, and system suppliers of the automobile industry.
  • Year Founded:1993

    The Yangzhou Kiaxing Precision Casting Technology has almost 30 years of experience in the die-casting sector. As a China die casting manufacturer, it has over 500 experienced employees working with its high-class equipment to produce high-quality parts. This China Al die casting manufacturer also has excellent pre-sales, sales, and post-sales service.

Why Choose Jilv Auto casting for Die Casting

Jilv Auto Casting is a well-known and one of the most reputable China aluminum die-casting manufacturers. With a track record of high-profile project accomplishments, we have a team of highly trained professional staff and offer a quality control system that leaves you 100% satisfied.

At JL auto-casting, our die-casting services cut across several industries, including medical, automotive, telecommunication, aerospace, and precision electrical components. We also engage in research and development, die-casting tooling, CNC machining, and surface treatment to produce parts of optimal quality.


Choosing the right China die-casting parts manufacturer is one way to ensure products and parts are of optimal quality. Also, consider the important factors when choosing a die-casting manufacturer.

However, if you are looking to die cast your project, JILV Auto Casting remains the best choice, as they offer good pricing, high quality, and a very short lead time.


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