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What is Die Cast Tooling?

Die casting tooling is a process done on a die forging machine. Firstly the metal solution is filed into the cavity of the mold at a low or high speed. The mold has a movable cavity surface. It is pressurized and forged with the cooling of the mental solution, which not only eliminates the shrinkage and loose defect of the blank, but also make the internal structure of blank become broken grains in a forged state. Then the comprehensive mechanical properties of the blank would be significantly improved.

Die casting tooling is automated casting where the molten liquid melt is forced or pressed into the mold chamber at high pressure. The pressure chamber varies on the specific design under the fogging machine. This variates between (150 to 1200 bar) & at a high filling speed (540 km/h). 

Why Choose Jilv for Die Cast Tooling?

Aa one of the most professioal die casting industry suppliers, Jilv Auto Casting owns 3 die casting tooling factories in China, not only providing standard parts tooling but are also experienced in customized parts required by customers. Following international die casting tooling standards, Jilv has served customers with quality die casting tooling products. Reach us now to your die casting tooling requirements.

Tooling Process & Services


Types of Die Casting Tooling Processes & Services @ JILV

  1. Hot Chamber Die Casting:
  2. Cold Chamber Die Casting:
  3. Low Pressure Die Casting: 
  4. Vacuum Die Casting:
  5. Squeeze Die Casting: 

Step by Step Die Casting Process & Service @ JILV

  1. Rough Mold Machining
  2. Deep Hole Drilling
  3. Heat Treatment
  4. Fine Machining
  5. Electrode Wire Cutting
  6. EDM
  7. Fitting
  8. Mold polishing
  9. Last Inspection 
  10. Quality Certification

Advantages & Benefits of Die Casting Tooling Alloys

Dimensional Strength: die cast aluminum parts have increased volume & strength.  

Rapid & Faster Production: they are easier to manufacture at lesser cost & volume with less machining & tooling.

Smooth Surfaces & Edges: the die cast parts & components have seamless & smooth for multi-industrial adaptability. 

Precise & Accurate: die-casting molds parts going by dimensions retaining precise specifications & use guidelines. That is vital in high precision parts for medical & other industrial applications.

Corrosion-Proof: die casting tooling creates high resistance & corrosion-proof products. That includes high-grade die-cast products from medical tools, automotive parts & precision engineered products for aeronautics find several applications. 

With precision die-casting tooling products from the china pressure die casting company, integrity, strength & durability becomes part of each product using aluminum, copper, zinc & magnesium alloys.