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Computerised Numerical Control Machine, also know as CNC machining, is an automatic machine tool equipped with a program control system. The control system can logically process programs with control codes or other symbolic instructions, and decode them, so as to make the machine tool move and process parts.
CNC machine

How does CNC MACHINING work?

1. The host is the main body of the CNC machine tool, including the machine body, column, spindle, feed mechanism and other mechanical components. It is a mechanical part used to complete various cutting processes

2. The numerical control device is the core of the numerical control machine tool, including hardware (printed circuit board, CRT display, key box, paper tape reader, etc.) and corresponding software, which is used to input the digitized part program, and complete the storage of input information and data storage. Transform, interpolate, and implement various control functions.

3.The drive device is the drive component of the CNC machine tool actuator, including the spindle drive unit, the feed unit, the spindle motor and the feed motor. It realizes the spindle and feed drive through electric or electro-hydraulic servo system under the control of numerical control device. When several feeds are linked, the processing of positioning, straight line, plane curve and space curve can be completed.

4.Auxiliary devices, some necessary supporting components of the index control machine tool, to ensure the operation of the CNC machine tool, such as cooling, chip removal, lubrication, lighting, monitoring, etc. It includes hydraulic and pneumatic devices, chip removal devices, exchange tables, CNC turntables and CNC indexing heads, as well as tools and monitoring and testing devices.

5.Programming and other ancillary equipment can be used to program and store parts outside the machine.

CNC Machining Experts & Consultants

Today, CNC machining or aluminum cnc milling service in Chinais effective in several industries like automotive, medical, aerospace, construction, dental, firearms, electronics, precision metal work, production, publishing machinery, logistics & transportation, hospitality, and many others. Its invaluable benefits & industrial usage are; 

Modern Benefits of CNC Machining @ JILV

-Greater accuracy & precision.

-Faster, scalable & efficient production. 

-Low production costs.

-Research-oriented manufacturing.

-Lower energy use.

-Flawless product design retention. 

-More capabilities & speed.

-More computerised use of machines than human labour.

-Complex & multi-industrial adaptable products.

-Less or zero structural & engineering defects.    

Besides, with computerised codes & symbolic instructions in aluminum cnc milling services, monitoring each production step is fast & simplified. There’s a significant reduction or elimination of potential industrial accidents & disasters. 

Types of CNC Machining Services @ JILV

CNC Plasma Cutting Machining: plasma cutters cut through electrically conductive materials using an accelerated jet of hot plasma.  

CNC Laser Machining: computer numerical control (CNC) machining uses a directed laser beam to vaporise, melt or otherwise erase material. Laser machining uses optics, assist gas and a guide system that focuses the laser beam at the work piece.    

CNC Milling Machining: adopts computer controls to direct & control the working of the multiple point rotary operational tools. The CNC milling machining process has four distinct stages:

– A computer-aided design model (CAD)

– CAD to CNC Model Conversion 

– CNC Mill Setup

– CNC Milling Operation 

CNC Grinder Machining: by rotational operation at pre-set speeds & pressure, CNC grinder machines remove material from a metal work piece. These are for refining & polishing rough edges to metal work pieces.  

From CNC Waterjet Cutting, Electrical Discharge & CNC Lathes & Turning Machining, our services aim to deliver precision at its best.

Our CNC precision machining achieves several objectives like casting, welding, electroplating, heat treatment, machining and assembly in one computerised pre-set operation.