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New Demand for Lightweight Materials for Automotive Lightweight

Body structural parts require excellent strength and plasticity in the non-heat-treated state Chassis parts require high plasticity and yield strength (>250MPa) At present, body and chassis parts: mainly steel/iron parts, forging/stamping process
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Design optimization scheme of typical automobile structural parts

Design of oil filter bracket for a heavy truck: from sheet metal parts to high pressure casting aluminum alloy parts

Lightweight Materials

Lightweight development of front suspension bracket for medium truck body

Design of oil filter bracket for a heavy truck
ATV steering knuckle
Heavy truck cab bracket

Automotive Lightweight

Automotive lightweight strives to curtail the overall vehicle weight & enhance engineering-related performance statistics. Vehicle structural design and components influence performance areas like fuel efficiency, acceleration, deceleration, drive feel many other factors.  

Adaptive & complimentary Materials for Automotive Light weighting are vehicle performance enhancers. From aluminum in place of fogged iron, reinforced non-corrosive plastics in non-heating areas, light ergonomic automobile body parts to rugged & toughened alloys for the structural defining chassis, power drive train & alloy wheels. 

High-efficiency Materials for Automotive Light weighting like composite plastics, lightweight foam, resin-reinforced natural fibers & aluminum have drastically transformed the automotive industry.