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Small cells will become very common in the 5G area.

The cells housing is made of cast aluminum material with powder spraying, which is smooth and textured, waterproof and dustproof, good sealing performance, anti-interference and good heat dissipation performance. Thus better protect the electronic components inside. It can be customized according to customer specific requirement. Our products are widely used in urban communications, monitoring systems, underground pipe network equipment systems, and 5G base station terminal systems

5G Telecom Parts Die Casting

The 5G telecom boom is massive globally. Global internet data speeds are at never before stats & levels. And 5G telecom service providers and users alike want more reliable & dependable 5G technology. 

JILV is an expert 5G telecom die casting parts supplierfor all technical inputs.

Modern 5G technology aims at delivering fast & high-speed internet with higher Gbps data speeds. The combination of speed, reliability & zero downtime means high-tech 5G telecom die casting parts are necessary. 

Main 5G Telecom Parts Die Casting 

 – RPU Repeater Chassis Case

 – Telecom Cover 

 – Telecom Cavity

 – Aluminum Casting Radiator 

 – Aluminum Heat Sink Housing 

 – 5G Base Station Power Case

Applications & Usage of 5G Telecom Parts Die Casting  

 -Fiber Optic Connectors

 – Networking

 – Durable & Complex Components

Why We Die Cast 5G Telecom Parts?

 – Creation of complex net shapes

 – Consistent quality with high volumes

 – Cost-effective & mass production

 – Strict tolerances in casting process

 – Durable & strong cast housings 

 – Heat sinks integrated in product designs

 – Sustainable products meeting industry norms

Several finishes with strict plating guidelines

  • Low cost.
  • Low draft angles on features.

JILV’s credibility & experience as a trusted 5G telecom die casting parts supplier complements the precision & accuracy requirements of 5G technology. Its proficient & high-tech track record of successfully working with several industries and companies gives its competence skills a lot of brownie points in the 5G technology boom.   

RRU Repeater Chassis Housing

RRU Repeater Chassis Housing

5g power box

5g Base Station Power Box

Heat Dissipation Housing

Heat Dissipation Box

CATV Communication waterproof aluminum die-casting housing

CATV Communication Waterproof Aluminum Die-casting Housing