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Commercial Vehicle Parts

Aluminum alloy die castings make ideal sense in vehicle lightweight when used in power system, chassis system and body, which are also what Jilv Auto Casting mainly focuse on. 

Sustainable, fuel-efficient & technologically driven commercial vehicles are an aspiration in motor vehicle engineering. And that’s how Die Casting Commercial Vehicle Partsbecomes indispensable. Commercial vehicle performance is determined by load, weight, structural design, ergonomics & other technical displacement details. 

With the proficiency of Die Casting Commercial Vehicle Partsdetails in machine parts from gearboxes, cylinder, chassis, clutch housing & transmission, several commercial vehicle parameters gain performance perfection. 

Heavy truck gearbox

Heavy truck gearbox

clutch housing for transmission
Clutch Housing for Transmission
Automotive precision castings - automatic transmission

Automotive precision castings – automatic transmission

vehicle cylinder

Vehicle Cylinder

Essential Die Cast Commercial Vehicle Parts

  • Clutch
  • Gearbox  
  • Transmission  
  • Chassis   
  • Cylinder
  • Battery Enclosure
  • Battery Casing
  • Motor Housing

Why Die Cast Commercial Vehicle Parts

  • Better emission norms
  • Reduce overall vehicle load
  • Maintain flawless service & performance standards
  • Give better vehicle transmission & control. Lighter vehicles are fast, controllable.