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Today, motor vehicle engineering aspires for higher levels of excellence in automotive parts engineering. For instance, in electric vehicles (EVs), a motor controller converts electric energy into mechanical energy. With the options of alternating current (AC) & direct current (DC) motor options, mechanical energy fulfils energy uses and requirements in the vehicles whether at standstill or in motion. 

Automotive Die Casting Spare Parts Supplier in china
New Energy Vehicles include four types of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), pure electric vehicles (BEV, including solar vehicles), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), and other new energy vehicles (such as super capacitors, flywheels and other high-efficiency energy storage) vehicles. The three core components of new energy vehicles are battery, motor and electronic control. Jilv Auto Casting not only produce medium and large parts of HEV/BEV/FCEV , but also specialize in producing smaller parts which make up the vehicle.
Commercial Vehicle Parts

Commercial vehicle is a vehicle used to transport people and goods in terms of design and technical characteristics. Commercial vehicles include all trucks and passenger cars with more than 9 seats, and are divided into five categories: passenger cars, trucks, semi-trailer tractors, incomplete passenger vehicles and incomplete trucks. Jilv auto casting provides service for most key parts of  Commerical Vehicle, including gearbox housing, clutch housing, heavy truck gearbox, sprocket chamber, gear, reflector, etc.

Aluminum Die Cast Automotive Parts & Components

Electric Vehicle Parts:  

 – EV Starter Parts

 – EV Cylinder Head Casing

 – EV Motor Controller

 – EV Motor Box

 – EV Motor Housing

 – EV Battery Box

Gas Vehicle Parts: 

 – Engine Block

 – Gear Box Casting

 – Cylinder Head

 – Filter & Wiper Systems

 – Compressors

 – Shock Absorbers

 – ABS Systems

 – Oil Pump Housing & components

 – Gearbox case castings

 – Engine cylinder blocks

 – Suspension arms  

 – Cylinder heads

 – Brake cylinders & disks

 – Pistons

 – Chassis & drivetrain

 – Wheel rims

 – Power windows & ac systems

JILV, an expert & high-quality Automotive Die Casting Spare Parts Supplier in China, dies casts electric vehicle motor controllers with precision to enhance technical performance requirements. These are the major automotive parts & components die cast in aluminum.

Aluminum Die Cast Automotive Parts   

  • Gearbox case castings
  • Engine cylinder blocks
  • Suspension arms 
  • Cylinder heads
  • Brake cylinders & disks
  • Pistons
  • Chassis & drivetrain
  • Oil pump components
  • Wheel rims

Technical Advantages of Aluminium Die Cast Automotive Parts

Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Products: enhances fuel use compared to steel & other alloys with adherence to new emission norms.

Lightweight: enhances vehicle performance dynamics. 

Better Strength-to-Weight Ratio: this variation happens with diverse applications & usages. 

Cost-Effective Automotive Parts: compared to different casting methods and alloys

In commercial vehicles with iron cast spare parts, weight compromises vehicle technical performance. Extra heavy commercial trucks cannot be ideally fuel efficient or sustainable with modern emission norms.  

JILV as an innovative & futuristic Automotive Die Casting Spare Parts Supplier in Chinacommercial vehicles technology has improved with enhanced commercial vehicle parts manufacturing.

Today, precisely manufactured automotive parts are redefining & reshaping the auto parts with sustainable technologies.