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We manufacture products for all these and related categories.

Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer in china

Automotive Parts

JiLv Die Casting is a leading provider of custom aluminum die cast components for the automotive market.
Medical Equipment Parts

Medical Equipment Parts

JiLv Auto Casting meets high demends for various medical equipment parts.
Machinery Parts

Machinery Parts

Used for agriculture, motorcycle, elevator, automation equipment, etc.
certified Casting Parts supplier in china

Telecom Parts & Electrical Enclosures

JL manufactures die casting telecom housings in different shapes and sizes for networking equipment.


skillful modern technique

We help to solve your problems, from design to reality by using modern techniques.

Best quality materials

IATF 16949(VDA6.3) certified factory, 15% of total staff are QC members who monitor the entire manufacturing process.

professional skilled team

20 sets aluminum die casting equipments from 160ton to 3000T, 53 sets CNC machines.

24/7 support & guidence

We are here whenever you need, any of your inquires or questions will be handled within 12 hours.