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Electric Vehicle Parts Overview

The core parts of new energy vehicles is the three-electric technology, namely electric motor, battery and electronic control technology. As an IATF 16949 certified car parts manufacturer, Jilv Auto Casting is specialized in new energy vehicle lightweight by using aluminum alloy die casting parts for not only the vehicle body, but also the three core parts. 

Electric Vehicle Parts Details

Motor Housing: Due to the demand for energy saving and emission reduction, as an important part of the motor drive system of new energy vehicles, the material of the motor housing is replaced by aluminum alloys instead of cast iron, which not only reduces the weight of the car itself, but also improves the heat dissipation effect of the motor. However, under the conventional casting process, the aluminum alloy motor housing parts are prone to shrinkage and the air tightness of the parts is low. At Jilv auto casting, the squeeze casting process is used instead of the conventional casting process to improve the forming quality and air tightness of the motor housing performance, product qualification rate. ADC12 aluminum alloy is selected, combined with numerical simulation and experimental analysis, the motor casing is fabricated by squeeze casting process. 

motor control housing

Motor Control Housing

Motor control box

Motor Control Box

Motor Controller

Motor Controller

Battery Box Housing: As the core parts of new energy vehicle, the safety of batteries is gradually emerging, which directly affects the safety and stability of the entire vehicle. Insulation, Safety and Waterproof should be taken into account. Jilv Auto Casting’s new energy vehicle power battery box is customized with a high-precision CNC machining center, and the customization tolerance is very high. Whether it is air tightness or parallelism, the flatness is strictly controlled to ensure the safety of the new energy vehicle power battery box, and the waterproofness is guaranteed.r a unique, feature-rich set of functions and are well-matched to satisfy the electrification needs of our automotive manufacturer partners.

Battery Box

EV Motor Vehicle Parts

Creating EV motor vehicle parts is a technologically precise process since several functional parameters rely on it. With most parts cast in aluminum,

Aluminum Die Casting Electric Vehicle Parts are today technically prevalent & accepted as standard. 

Main Die Cast Parts of Electric Vehicles (EVs)

– EV Battery Housing

– EV Battery Charger

– EV Drive Motor

– EV Electronic Control Unit

– EV DC-AC Converter

Electric vehicle (EV) components like motor control housing, motor control box & motor controller is subject to specific structural design dimensions for efficiency & performance. With Aluminum Die Casting Electric Vehicle Parts, brilliant structural & technological manufacturing avails solutions. 

Why Die Cast Electric Vehicle Parts?

– EV weight reduction

– Enhance EV performance

– Enhance fuel efficiency & battery performance 

– Low cost vehicle maintenance

– Sustainable transportation & mobility modes