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Aluminum Die Casting for Medical Industry

Aluminum Die Casting for Medical Equipment

                                                                                       Aluminum Die Casting for Medical Equipment


There are many methods for fabricating aluminum for the production of medical equipments or parts, but die casting stands as one of the ideal and popular methods.

So, what is aluminum die casting? Why is it suitable for the production of certain medical equipment? What are the aluminum alloy grades that are best for the production of medical devices? Read on as we provide answers to these questions and other important information about aluminum die casting for medical devices.

What is Aluminum Die Casting?


                                                                                                       Aluminum Die Casting Parts


Aluminum die casting is a complex manufacturing procedure in which die is cast into steel molds to produce precisely defined, textured surfaces and smooth metal parts. The process is completed by getting molten metals into molds using high-pressure systems.

This process facilitates the fast production of a high volume of die casting parts through a very cost-effective means. The products obtained from these processes are lightweight and have improved dimensional stability. This is mainly because aluminum as an element has high resistance to corrosion and good electrical and thermal productivity.

Moreover, aluminum die casting occurs at high temperatures where it retains a durable strength and needs cold chamber machines for finishing. Thanks to the highly conductive nature of the material, it is one of the most used in die casting for medical devices.

Why is Aluminum Die Casting is Ideal for Medical Equipment?


                                                                                          Medical Devices Parts Aluminum Prototype


Uniformity for die-cast parts is one of the reasons why aluminum die-casting is ideal for use in the medical industry. Other benefits of medical aluminum casting include;

  • High strength and durability of die-cast metal parts and products
  • Higher dimensional stability over aluminum parts produced using other fabrication methods
  • Does not require much machining for the production of parts
  • Ability to manufacture products with thinner walls, complex parts, and tight tolerances
  • Capable of producing complex geometries with high precision
  • Does not require as much assembly after production as other methods of aluminum fabrication
  • Producing medical equipment using this method is more cost-effective than any other alternative casting or fabrication method.

What are the Best Aluminum Alloy Grades to Use in the Medical Field?

Manufacturers often use A380 and A360 aluminum alloy grades for die-casting medical equipment and devices. These alloys have excellent corrosion resistance and strength-to-weight ratio. Let us examine these alloy grades and why they are best for medical use.

A360 Aluminum

A360 Aluminum Die Casting

                                                                                                       A360 Aluminum Die Casting


The aluminum alloy has a high silicon content that makes liquefying it easy while giving it excellent strength at extremely high pressures. This alloy contains aluminum, copper, magnesium, iron, tin, nickel, zinc, manganese, silicon, and other metals that aid in hardening the alloy.

The aluminum content of this alloy helps provide it with fluidity and excellent tightness under pressure. Its tin content makes polishing the surface for functional and aesthetic uses easier. On the other hand, nickel gives A360 aluminum a very reflective surface, allowing it to radiate electromagnetic waves and visible light.

This alloy’s copper content helps imbue it with high conductivity and mechanical strength, while magnesium gives it strain-hardening ability.

The following benefits of A360 aluminum make it ideal for use in the medical field;

● High Ductility: The A360 aluminum is very ductile. This is true, especially when the temperature is very low. This high ductility makes it very malleable and soft

● Surface finish: Manufacturers also use this alloy as a surface finish. This is because of its ability to provide a strong cast on the surfaces of other metals.

● Resilience: This alloy has very high resilience. And this gives it the ability to stretch, bend and return to its original shape easily.

● Corrosion Resistant: The A360 can resist corrosion. This is especially true at higher temperatures and due to its material strength.

A380 Aluminum

A380 Aluminum Die Casting

                                                                                                        A380 Aluminum Die Casting

This alloy contains aluminum, silicon, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, nickel, tin, and magnesium. Its silicon content makes it highly resistant to wear while improving its strength and castability. On the other hand, its copper content favors its response to thermal treatment. Furthermore, the nickel component of this alloy increases its strength at room and extreme temperatures. It also boosts A380’s strength and hardness.

The following benefits make A380 aluminum ideal for use in the medical field.

● Lightweight: This alloy is lightweight, making it ideal for producing parts with different surface finishes and lightweight.

● Dimension stability: The A380 aluminum alloy has extremely high dimensional stability, especially when the walls of the product are thin.

● High resistance: Compared to alloys of other metals, the A380 can withstand extreme temperatures. It also has high resistance to cracking and corrosion.

● Availability: The A380 alloy, with its high-pressure tightness and fluidity, is readily and readily available. This makes it a cost-effective material for medical equipment and device production.

How to Choose an Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer for Medical Devices

Alumimum Die Casting Manufacturers

                                                                                              Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers

Selecting the right manufacturer for your aluminum die casting services to produce medical die casting parts is not a decision you should take lightly. When choosing an aluminum die casting company, select one with an ISO 13845 certification.

This certification would ensure the company follows the guidelines set by the medical device industry. The aim is to ensure that the medical aluminum castings and equipment you produce are medical industry compliant while meeting their standards.

Safety Regulations Considerations

The medical device industry standards and FDA guidelines are strict. Consequently, it is important you work with manufacturers who have experience in the industry, understanding their regulations and how to comply with their standards.

At Jilv Auto Casting, we work with professional aluminum die manufacturers who understand die casting and have extensive experience producing medical equipment and devices. These professionals also have the right certification, knowing how to meet, surpass and comply with industry standards. From prototyping to high volume production, industry standards, and quality control, we got you covered.

Is Aluminum Die Casting Safe for Medical Usage?

According to the FDA, aluminum products are generally safe. This includes aluminum medical devices made through the process of metal die casting. The benefits of using die-cast aluminum in producing medical die-casting parts include; adherence to tight tolerances and EMI shielding. Other benefits include high dimensional stability, cost-effectiveness, lightweight, durability, and corrosion resistance.


Aluminum die casting provides a better way to manufacture medical devices and equipment. It revolutionized the medical device industry, making it possible to manufacture highly complex products and parts.

At JILV Auto Casting, we offer professional aluminum die-casting services for the manufacturing of medical devices. Our services are affordable and competitive, and we offer round-the-clock customer care support to answer all your questions and inquiries. For quality production and timely delivery of your orders, you can contact us today.


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